Welcome to Dr Agravat Careers

Welcome to Dr Agravat Careers

Today, after successful 62 years of profound glory in healthcare field, Dr Agravat group fully-grown tree with all its branches. Its amenities with latest technology make it a place of brilliance, competent and one of its kind Universal hub.

Dr Agravat Group is a business goliath based in India having a global track with interests in Infrastructure, Power, Global Trading and shipping, Logistics, Automobile, Energy, Port & SEZ, Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture Business, FMCG Products, Real Estate Development, Hotel, Resort and Amusement Park etc.

Agravat Group is highly people oriented and performance driven. For us, our team is our most prized asset. A sharp focus is maintained on all round personal and professional development of each team member. We provide an enriching environment where teams work on exciting projects, including some of the most technically demanding and satisfying development work for our clients across varying domains.

We invite qualified and motivated professionals seeking faster and higher growth to join us in this exciting journey.

Build a Better Career with Dr Agravat Group; Find the job that’s right for you.

Dr Agravat Health Clinic

Dr Agravat Healthcare Limited

Dr Agravat Dental Clinic India

Dr Agravat Dental Tourism

Dr Agravat Medical Tourism

Dr Agravat Ayurveda Clinic India

Dr Agravat SPA Tourism

Dr Agravat Online Yoga

Dr Agravat Meditation

Dr Agravat Employment Opportunities Carrier


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